4 yrs of engg :( :O :/ ;) :D :) the final year

Semester 7 started and so did the tension called placements. All one could hear was the name of companies, frustration about results and the college TPO. The person who is completely unknown for the first three years suddenly comes into the spotlight. Students don’t know who is teaching which subject but everyone knows the name of the TPO. You can almost see it in the faces of BE students that they don’t want to be bothered with anything else. What compounds the problem is when your parents come to know about someone’s son/daughter getting placed in some company somewhere. You can’t fight that with any logic. Even if your universities are different, states are different, this thing is inevitable.

Anyone and everyone becomes a career counsellor. Right from your neighbour to that one family friend who lives in some remote corner and could never find the time to call you except during your results. Suddenly even they are interested in what you choose, and irrespective of what your choice is i.e. job/studying abroad/studying here, they will always know someone successful and living in the USA. If only there was a camera to capture the stupid smile you flash in such moments.

Amidst all this a student is supposed to remain calm, wait and watch the companies come, because that is all one can do.

Semester 8 my friends planned another IV. This time it was Shimla, Manali and Chandigarh. I couldn’t go as my parents said that the hours spent in IV was more than hours of lectures I had attended. I couldn’t do much but admit it and while away those days.

College started (i.e. we started attending college) and everyone became sentimental. It was as if someone was playing “this is the end – DOORS” in the background. Everyone knew one thing, no matter how much they cursed the college, they will continue to do so but will miss the people in it.

This concrete structure made of brick and mortar became so much more in these 4 years. The days weren’t over yet. Celebrated the last of the ‘days’ with gusto, and who can forget the farewell. After a forgetful, comical, vulgar and memorable dance on stage, I left for marine drive at midnight from Panvel on bike. 3 bikes and one Innova stuffed to its capacity left for an awesome night out in the city. With no traffic signals and all routes open the ride was even more beautiful.

3am at marine drive, the sound of bikes racing at breakneck speeds was overcome by the sea waves crashing the shore.

Will never forget these days, will miss my college days

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