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Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the Indian Bloggers League (2013) contest conducted by WriteUp Cafe
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So I have been part of this amazing group called Indibloggers. We meet, we eat, we have fun and we keep on having amazing and pointless conversations. So we are up for a competition and this is the first post. This was the brief
"It's the year 2779 AD, you are forced to join the army to save planet Earth when your home planet is attacked by the Martians. They possess superior technological warfare as compared to us, and are on a killing spree in a bid to take over the planet."
Here goes everything –

It seemed like a nightmare and the way things were happening, nothing could have been worse. Our F216 drones were failing, flailing and falling from the sky like rain drops. Their waves of sonic attacks, biochemical diffusers and shields seemed like toys as compared to what stood in front of them. The more I peeked out of the digitronic periscope, the more destruction I saw. Others at the basement wanted to see the reality, while I wanted to run away. I even contemplated surrendering and destroying all our weapons to facilitate the same. While considering this gave me certain guilt and made me feel unpatriotic, I justified it thinking that a person who believes in the freedom of anarchy can have an abstract feeling for an abstract object.

Our whole world was called as Personnes Zameen And Confederations Universaliter or (People, Earth And Confederations All together) or PEACE as they called it. I never felt anything special about it as I always wished the world to be like it was before 2745 A.D. It must have been so good back then, with all the countries fending for themselves and the people fighting for their boundaries.

It was tough being the lone survivor of the technical crew from the ship – Techncrisotic. The kind of power it was bombarded with, the ship couldn’t stand the attack anymore and it whined like a little boy scolded by his father.  I abandoned the ship before they announced any warning and as I jumped onto the helisub and flew away, I took a few people along with me. That is when I saw it, a Martian giant. No matter how advanced we were, it was beyond our imagination. It seemed like an organic creature and coupled with high tech weapons. It gorged on our obsolete machines, our power lines and our people too. Exoskeletons were solar powered and failed to charge up as the Martian blocked the sun every morning. Martian Giants were invincible. I could remember nothing from my training which could even stand next to them for a minute, let alone pound them. Many of our drones were gone; foot soldiers gobbled with their blasters, ships rigged with bombs for traps were also swallowed like a pill. And twenty of us in the basement were left to fend for ourselves.

All the basements had one thing in common – a first aid kit and food supply. Thankfully a scientist, Dr. Av Supremo1, had invented a solution ‘nutrisol’ that sufficed the daily nutrition requirement. One litre of it was enough to keep you up for the day. We had gallons of it, but we knew that one day even those would get empty. I secretly feared at times that others probably had hidden weapons on them and when the time comes they would resort to cannibalism. I would have done the same if the situation demanded.

All of us were given special training at camps to combat with certain hostile situations but there were things they didn’t teach you at the training, memory capsule helped in those areas. Memory capsules were basically small beds with an over head cover, which looked like one of those tanning beds from the 1990’s.They had information from the past, assimilated from the data which was kept on the cloud. Humans in 2400 A.D. had documented life from 1900s till 2400 completely. . It took them about a century to finish the whole thing. In 2900s, you could do that in minutes. I can never tell the reason, because I never tried to learn that. Because what we know is written by the one who survives, and the story of one who perished is wiped out.

Suddenly, a blast hit the ship which was shielding our building. The ship simply disappeared into nothingness. A flash of noiseless blue hit the sky and that was the last I saw of the ship. I went blind for a few minutes, thanks to the luminance of the light but my brain was pumped with blood twice faster than the usual. My mind dreaded a lot of things, my life being the priority. I had to pick up the nutrisols and run. Not one or two but the whole lot. Everyone was fast asleep and they were unperturbed by the flash, because it made no noise. Probably just a few handfuls of us were left all over the blue planet and the Martians were ready to occupy it. I started running like a mad man and that’s when a blue light appeared and noiselessly the basement was wiped out and the contents erased.

Damn, why did we get rid of the nuclear technology? If only in 2745 A.D. we were forewarned about this impending doom, we would have developed the nuclear technology much further. Probably a few doses of it could have silenced the opposition. The mutation would have hit the organic nature of the giant and the fission would have neutralized the enemy, I wondered. There were rumours of Russia not adhering to the Treaty of Peace and continuing with the nuclear research. But no one knew for sure. Like in the world of 2000s the word ‘terrorism’ or ‘bomb’ flagged the conversations, in 2745 A.D. the words ‘nuke’, ‘nuclear’ and other similar terms were banned.  Now that the observation tower near me was downed, I could scream these words and no one would arrest me! ‘I have to get to the nearest observation tower, if I want to live!’ I told myself.

The nearest observation tower was conveniently 20 kilometers east to my current location. I had to run because any quadribike or helisub would probably show up in their radars. Running with the nutrisols and two blasters slowed me down considerably. I reached the observatory tower in two and half hours. My colleagues would have been so proud of me, as this was the fastest I ever ran, because I never had to run.  The tower had lost its structure but still had its glory. They blasted the foyer and the grand reception, but the back and parts of sidewalls still stood tall. It housed some of greatest art works like the Monet, the Manet and the PicassosVan Gogh’s were housed at the telecommunication department, ironically. The blast had made a gaping hole and the basement was easily accessible – to me and to the Martians as well. The hatch was easy to open, as all the waves that held the security data were impaired beyond repairs. The waves sensed me but couldn’t recognize and differentiate. I opened the hatch with ease. It let out a sound, a mild creek because it was damaged too.

Down the hatch I saw a room with a chair, a table and a light source. On the table was a paper, I had heard about it only in the memory capsule. ‘SAY Savior’ was all that was scribbled on it. I hushed, then whispered into the air and after a few more tries, I screamed ‘Savior’. The table’s drawer popped; hidden in the shadow of the desk it was invisible to the naked eye. Frankly I had expected a humongous room or a gigantic exoskeleton to match the might of the Martians. The drawer had a small rectangular box with ‘transmit’ written on it. I was a bit worried. ‘Would this kill me?’ I asked myself. It had to be this or the blue light and I preferred the blue light. A silent and painless death would have been great. ‘Will this probably start a self destruct sequence like the old sci-fi movies from 1990s?’ I asked myself again. That made no sense, as the code suggested it was a positive trigger. It was good to know that my brain didn’t numb out in loneliness. With trust in the PEACE’s chosen governors, I pressed the word ‘transmit’. As my thumb hit the words I saw a flash of white, a noiseless one.

It is 2013 now and over 20 years of my existence since 1991. That transmit had installed me into a 2 year old born in the city of Mumbai.Sudarshan is the human that lives with me in the same body. I cannot help but surface from time to time. I have to act as if I am Sudarshan, who is unaware about the whole world he is in. I try contacting him, but time and again he feels as if he is down with some illness. He matures with age but I remain the same. Though he now accepts my existence, dealing with me is something he doesn’t know how to. Somehow before it gets too late, either Sudarshan will have to man up to the cause, else I will have to be the sole occupier of this body. As of now we both can’t be active at the same time!

Techncrisotic.av12121 signing out, so that Sudarshan can sign in.


Sudarshan signs in,

Let this blog get some good traction and I will introduce my Blogger mates. From beyond the seven seas and from India too. Trust me there is a lot in store, some gems to introduce to the world and to each other.

But I want it up there for people to see, so that is why the wait and it will be worth it.

To Anu, Sriram, Amar, Tapo, Deepti, Fati, Renu, Rafaa, Rohan and my other Westerlies.

With love,


Signing Out


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    The plot of the story takes you to a completely different world altogether. The intensity with which it is written is amazing and the imagination outstanding! It’s easy to read but I’m sure it must have made you rack your brains really bad! Good job done bhai 🙂 Hope you bring glory to our team with this post! 🙂

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    Sud, this is a wonderfully detailed, well written, and very imaginative story! I really enjoyed it. Good luck with the contest, I think your story is a winner!

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    He matures with age” now that’s some imagination 😛

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    Sud, this is fascinating! The first Sci-fi story since long time ago. The ending is absolutely unexpected and thought-provoking. Enjoyed reading. Thanks!
    BTW, since I have some chronic energy issue, I would like to order some Nutrisol from Dr. Av Supremo1. Please tell me if there is a way 🙂

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