Because they know not

They have it all planned for you,

the eternal sunrise that they seek for you,

using the path that they sought,

if things weren’t rosy for them

what makes ’em sure about you?

fuck the world

’cause they know not,

till someone comes along

and changes the preconceived notion

of the people who knew it all

Be the one who carves a path

when others were busy

following the one already carved.

I may be on a path carved already

with my decisions that are mundane

but know this that within my brain

lies a world not even mildly close to tame

Someday I will change something

something I know not



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    Courageous words, sud. Whatever path you walk will be your own-no matter how many have walked it before you.

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    Thanks for the kind words Walt 🙂

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    Woah! Time and again such a thought crosses my mind, I am thinking of finding excuses to not to do it almost at the same time 😛

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