Hyderabad Stands Between The Tales of Two States

Hyderabad Stands Between The Tales of Two States
–  Satish Roy 

Before we get deep into the topic, I would like to congratulate the people who fought a good battle for a separate state and sorry to those who battled equally well for a united Andhra. But since all issues take a very long time to be solved for the benefit of the ruling party, I would like to convey few points on how a united state can benefit the people and the state.


To begin with let’s start off with the major affecting factors like education and employment. Considering the stats the literacy rate of Telangana is 54% compared to around 67%in coastal Andhra.  Since the battle is for the capital of the state we should realize the factors that can affect literacy. Hyderabad has the best universities and it’s a hub for investors, the split will not only be a dream crasher for all the students who crave for a good education but will have a dip in employment rates too. Another major factor that would affect trade is to own a port. Vishakhapatnam has one of the biggest ports in the country and the amount of trade will just drop because of the split.

The second major factor is the amount of natural resources that cannot be used well for the benefit and the welfare of the state. When the country faces major water crisis the split is a move that is not recommended. When other states fight for water (TN & Karnataka) Andhra should be lucky to have abundant supply of water. Telangana holds a majority space of the river Krishna & Godavari. This will affect the flow of distribution leaving other parts with water scarcity. When water supplies are cut it naturally increase Power shortaHyderabadges. Telangana is lucky considering the fact it has Hyderabad but there are other issue like poor resources, large amount of barren land, acute power shortage etc. whereas Seemandhra comprises of major cities, a long coastal line apt for trade export & import, vast natural resources and the most important point is it has good road and rail transport facilities.

Bringing politics into the matter Telangana held the position of CM for 10.5 years while Seema-Andhra region held it for 42 year. This is main area of concern which makes people of Telangana feel deprived and exploited. We should also consider that there are 42 Lok Sabha seats and 294 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana is likely to have 17 Lok Sabha seats and 119 Assembly seats. It looks like the politicians are happy with the decision the UPA government has taken, but the people are frustrated with the decision and have conducted campaigns for a United Andhra Pradesh, one of them is Samaiyak Andhra.

Considering all these factors, I would like to conclude that I am neither for nor against the small state concept, but I am trying to deliver a message for the people to understand the amount of resources that will affect the growth which might also take a long time to get back on track.

 /* This post is a Guest post by Satish Roy, who blogs at http://blog.samaikyandhra.co/

A separate state according to me should be not made on the basis of emotions only but must be considered only when it is the logical step. Smaller states have been successful, but I guess the answer lies with the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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