The contrast in India and the festival of Holi

We concretised our dreams, quarried the mountains, burned the farms, chopped the trees and now we look up in the sky and curse the climate for the heat.


India is a country where everything  is a contrast. Every moment, in a few kilometres/miles, the scenario changes, the environment changes, dialect changes and to some extent, so does the mindset. I live in between abundance and scarcity. Not quite far away from the city of Mumbai and still close to some villages, different scenarios are within a stone’s throw. One side there are people who might have never heard of something called “load shedding” / “rolling blackouts” and on the other side there are people who get a few hours of electricity. But sometimes a situation can invisible to us but a shocking reality for some.

A few miles away, in the region of North Maharashtra, the people there are facing the worst possible drought. Parched land is adding to the woes of the already bankrupt, heavily indebted. Sadness of the fact is that in 21st century a majority of our country still depends on rainfall pattern. They have drained the underground water and are looking towards the sky.


So an initiative has been taken. At least in the social network, people have decided that they will not use water in the upcoming festival of HOLI. It is a festival where all of us smear colors on each other, throw colour balloons (some nasty ones throw condoms), and use water gun. It really levels the ground for everyone. The day before HOLI, we set up a bonfire.

May the bonfire burn the inequalities, the prejudice, the hatred, the ignorance and the colors help us to forget the differences and embrace each other.


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    “May the bonfire burn the inequalities, the prejudice, the hatred, the ignorance and the colors help us to forget the differences and embrace each other”…beautiful! It will be interesting to hear how the omission of water contributes to the mood and feeling of this vibrant and colorful festival. What fun!

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    Sud, beautiful prayer at the end not only for the people of India, but for people everywhere. Have a wonderful time-sounds like tons of fun.

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    May the bonfire and the colors do that and more. Can’t wait to hear about the festival and other dream scenarios not “concretized.”

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