Indian Institute of Political Mismanagement (IIoPM) – The criminals in Indian politics

Untitldded-1 Brashtendu Bachchu’s father, Auratched Bachchu is mega-pissed that his son didn’t get into the reputed, elite Indian Institute of Political Mismanagement (IIoPM). His father and his grandfather, Ghotalekar Bachchu are alumni of this college and it was expected that from Insaafnagar, Brashtendu would be the next.But he disappointed his parents, his people and last but not the least himself.
Brashtendu – “But dad I tried. I gave it my best shot, and will try again next year.”

Auratched – “you are a disappointment, a disgrace to the name of Bachchus.”

B – “This is my rap sheet after 22 years, Murder – 3, Attempt to Murder – 5, Rape – 1 , Extortion and Kidnapping – 3.”

A – “You call that a rap sheet? Are you forgetting that you are competing against people like Looteshwar Singh. Their rap sheet is so diverse. It was as if he was born to go to that university, why can’t you be more like him? Did I not teach you shooting at farmers? Did I not teach you how to ask for a bribe? Did I not teach you how to extort, kidnap, and for god sakes I even showed how I got away with rape. Which father would do that huh? Looteshwar Singh’s dad isn’t even into politics. He is just a simple murderer and look at his son”.

B – I will try harder next year dad. Will go to different constituency and harass the people. I will even be named in scam in the coming months, the media is being unnecessarily slow, I already paid them to show that stuff.

A (Teary eyed) –I never taught you how to pay the media guys. Did you learn that on your own?

B – Yes dad, I wanted to do something to make you proud. Surprise you on your coming birthday.

Chudailawari Devi (B’s mom and A’s wife) – awww, look at you two bonding. Here have some imported whiskey.

Next year with a scam, 15 more extortions & kidnappings, 6 more attempt to murders and 2 rapes under his belt, Brashtendu Bachchu was welcomed into the institution with open ‘arms’.

RajaThe above post is my reaction to Raja Bhaiya being named in an FIR, for allegedly ordering killing of a senior police officer Zia-Ul-Haque. 45 cases against him in Uttar Pradesh and 2 cases being probed by the CBI and guess what, this time he was sworn in for the 5th time in 15 years

The murder of the police official triggered angry protests in the state of Uttar Pradesh and lukewarm anger in rest of the country. Every state has their set of criminals in power and a set out of power. It is rather appalling that there exists such a culture among the politicians regardless of the fact that they are armed to the teeth, immersed in power, and drenched in money.

So why do they need to kill someone, let alone an officer on government duty. Someone they pretty much ‘own’. Sadness of Indian politics.


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