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This story is a completely and amazingly          written fictional rant on the amazing portal which covers rarely believable story of


Kindly focus on this piece of art while you read it and keep away from all meaningful distractions.

I searched three meaningless people and this shows up

Three friends who used to work for BIGNAME were happy with their life. But since they were missing home and also incidentally not allowed to grow thanks to racism, they decided to come to India and start a BIGNAME clone.

Now since there were already many clones of BIGNAME the investor money dried up and so did their zest. Contemplating on whether to go back to their million dollar sedentary life or make something amazing here.

                                                                             IIITTMMMSSS alumni  Malhotra realized – “All of us go to take a dump in the morning.. But it is such a dumb way to dump..In   the US I could monitor my shit… literally.”

Coz inspiration has to be mainstream

Then they realized that there is a huge industry waiting to be
discovered and a market yet to be tapped SmartPoop started from the basic need to poop like a New Yorker. ” This app will essentially change the way we look at dumping. A billion people even if they poop once a day, that’s a billion hits. Imagine if someone has roadside Chinese cuisine and now has to shift into a loo, that’s a goldmine.” – Second co-founder WhoIsn’tThatImportant

This app currently has a 100000 users, essentially 20 family members of the three and rest are just pumped up stats. Shitoya Capital is rumored to be one of the interested investors. Their android app is currently shitting users and the iPhone app comes integrated with touchId to ensure security. You can also share poop online and compare with your friends. Poop is a billion dollar industry in the making every morning, and Smartpoop is changing the way we poop, one download at a time.

/* This is basically a template of all startup stories*/

/* Next Up – SmartPoop pivots */

/* All images are courtesy google, I have a job now, can’t make stuff up… oh wait that’s what I do*/

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