God-men, godlymen and men

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*over the counter
*over the counter

Having an open mind is very important; a closed one leads to hypocrisy, monotony and other side effects. I keep my beliefs upto me and don’t preach about them forcefully. I will debate or discuss about these things only when the need arises, i.e. if a person sincerely asks for it.

I love spirituality, the hippy culture, the whole meta-physical, abstract talk about the world. But I question religion, its need, its cause and its affect. Sanatan Dharma is now branded and marketed as Hinduism.


I hate what has become of religion. It has become a business of making people feel better about them. It is more about “I am right, you are wrong” than about tolerance and oneness. A local temple that I used to go to entered into this shitty situation and I stopped going there altogether. Spirituality and religion are two different things, but both can be minted from. According to me, religion was to serve the purpose of bringing people together and not the opposite.

I hate god-men  because they have a  “Holier than thou” attitude about them. You choose the life you want to live, and live it on your own terms. I don’t need someone to come up to me, charge me, and then tell me that I need to change my way of life. My friends do that for free. They come up to me and point out the wrong things when need be. You don’t need to pay for a course that can feed an entire BPL family (Below Poverty Line), to tell you that meditation is good for you. Make friends of all kinds good ones, weird ones, trashy ones, classy ones. They will ensure you try every shit out there to straighten you up. Then choose the thing that you like and make it a habit.

I hate godmen for another reason too.


unkempt hair, unkempt beard.. but it look vibrant so a good shampoo is necessary . And you should look happy all the time (use 'medicine' for that hehe)and of course you need cloth, since you will be a man of clothSafrron for attracting only hindus, white for all religions :)
unkempt hair, unkempt beard.. but to look vibrant good shampoo is necessary . And you should look happy all the time (use ‘medicine’ for that hehe)
and of course you need cloth, since you will be a man of cloth
Safrron for attracting only hindus, white for all religions 🙂

Preaching spirituality in a course for ‘x’ money is like selling a degree.
A religious center does not need flashy cars, SUVs. All that materialism is something that  goes against spirituality. People talk about leaving material desires and go join cliques which have leaders who travel around in style. Not just travel, but also live in complete style. Every request is complied with and everything you do becomes a trend. What totally gets me mad is that, people follow them blindly. Like some psychotic teen going absolutely bonkers about some band. They follow the habits, the likes and dislikes, the wants of their leader becomes their need, so on and so forth.

There are people who can afford to follow such charade and join such a cult and there are people who can’t afford to. Spirituality doesn’t cure any disease, it may work as a placebo but it can’t cure any physical illness. It can give you the faith, the hope that you seek but it surely won’t destroy those cancer cells. It won’t cure your diabetes, maintain your sugar-levels or take care of your eyesight.

When people say mind over matter, they mean that you need matter but you need to keep your mind working too. That doesn’t mean that suddenly you refuse medicines and go au-natural spiritual. Medicines are not hocus pocus, and are there because they work. If they don’t work, they are taken off the market. You need to keep yourself aware about the medicines that you are taking but you shouldn’t be the doctor yourself. There is a reason why after slumming it out for 5 years and years of practise are they revered. Read about your meds from respected sources. Don’t rely on google and Wikipedia for everything. Be spiritual and logical at all times. Godmen come and godmen go, you have just this one life. Don’t waste it following someone who asks you money for telling you something so obvious. Imagine that money as someone’s school fees, someone’s medical bill. You can be the source of happiness for a family, for the society, for you for a real long time. Else, you can be happy, just you.

Criticisms and civil conversations are appreciated.


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    Religion and spirituality do seem to be simply devices to lead people around by the nose. Better to travel alone and discover one’s own way and one’s own truth.

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    I love a good, thought provoking post and one that is written without fear. Bravo!

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    A very well written piece. It encapsulates all that I believe in and adds in quite a lot more. If I ever want anyone else to see my point of view, I will direct them here.

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