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hpmeet1So a few days back, a week actually, I attended an event by IndiBlogger at Ave 29, Hughes Road. This event was in association with the HP. HP launched couple of new products and well they chose us to promote it. And why not, after all it’s us who end up talking about gadgets.

IndiBlogger has this great thing about their events. One game to sort of break the ice and let the people mingle just after almost everyone checks in. This time the game was of guessing the word.

Then after a few hilarious rounds it was time for some serious tech talk. The person from HP, Mr. Anurag Gupta showed us new products and described the reason as to why decided to bring them into the market. Among the slew of products displayed the one that caught my eye were the hybrid tabs. For quite a while I have been checking out the market and these ones seem like something that can start a serious trend. Though ASUS Transformerhad started it in India, these ones are priced relatively low and are not just laden with technology but with useful technology.


This is the segment that am really interested in as it features the portability of a tablet and the functionality of a laptop. The person from HP was also pretty well informed about the products, its target market etc.

Then came the new segment introduced by Indiblogger – The Presentation.

Windows v/s Android (old versions)

The first one was a comparison between the two OSes but specifically the Android 2.3.3 and Windows 6. The Windows Warrior was pretty sure that she pointed out the fact that Windows had actually updated and corrected everything he found a fault with in the Windows 6 or 7. The best part about this was that since the person was using the two OSes he nailed each little thing in bullet points.

Me – Seducing the mic

Then the second one was to be given by me. And everyone liked it, pretty much. I made a comparison about how devices used to be and how devices are nowadays. The form factor, the functionality aspect etc were the basic highlights and I went on to make jokes about them.

Hemal – Why so serious?

The third one was by Hemal and Animesh (they are married guys, married to different women (though their camaraderie had people wondering (wow was that a bracket-ception))) on Blogging. This one was something very useful considering the fact that we often get the basics wrong. Even if it is something as small as the font colour or the background colour or even the naming of a blog. Learnt a few things like the ‘em size’ and how to optimize mobile viewing for a blog.

The fourth one had to be cancelled thanks to time limit. But the topic was something pretty close to Animesh’s heart and if anyone has even been on his friend list for the past few months would know that PLAGIARISM pains him as much as the rising prices. I was keen on listening to this one but some other day.

I hope that Indiblogger continues to the same format and hence allows me to voice my opinions like it did that day (totally uncensored, there was some serious ‘A’ level discussion there)

To new buyers, just check out the hybrid series once, seems promising.

One good thing has happened, many of my friends now want to start blogging and I will help them start and then introduce them to the wonderful world of blogging. It’s a really beautiful world where words bring people together.

If you want to start writing, stop contemplating and start writing. See you at the next Indimeet.

PS – all images were shamelessly lifted from Hemal’s post. He is aware of it, at least now he is.


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    Lol… The last line had me rolling… Dude a very sweet and concise version of the meet! Hats off… 🙂

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    Dude, your presentation was amazing. Can you share it on Slideshare, Wikimedia Commons, wherever and post the link on the Indiblogger thread for the meet?

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      Will do it and share with everyone

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