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 We wake up, we work, look for a way that will give us something to survive. Based on what we get we look for how long can it let us survive and meanwhile we look for options that will help our survival after the current option exhausts. Later in the day we sleep if possible and the whole process is on a repeat.

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Sometimes I wonder if this is all that we are supposed to do. With a four year degree you are practically unarmed to face the possibility that there are so many of you out there, whatever you are whatever your status quo is. So many out there wanting the same job, having the same dream which they want to chase day in and day out. All you search is for something that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. In this search along with you are countless people. Yet you somehow believe that you will stand out.

You are never alone in what you do. No matter what you do there is someone somewhere in this whole wide world. This can be seen in two ways. The optimist relieved that there is always someone like him/her out there so he is not alone. The pessimist thinking that his/her chances of survival is getting tough with each one like him/her out there.

In this rat race are we forgetting to take a pause? To live for a while, to practically do nothing no planning, no worrying, no fighting just living with what we have for a while. Not being greedy for a while. Am not saying that one should leave the thirst for life, hunger for more success more fame more money it would be idealistic but hey we don’t live in an idealistic world.

So once in a while take a vacation and enjoy a place for what it is no need to cover all the sight seeing areas as mentioned by your guide or someone who has been there before but just be there and live there without thinking about the rat race J

All this is a bit heavy to think, some random thoughts … simply put by simple sud


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    N wat after winning d rat race?????
    Another race?……it isn’t a race, it’s more like a trip, a trip which should be enjoyed throughout!!!… instead of a once in a while vacation why don’t we just live life like it is one big vacation?…a vacation with it’s own uphill n downhill treks!!!….. Its d way one sees it that matters….

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    the fact is that its a rat race. veiwing it as a trip or a vacation is being optimistic.
    enjoy what u do and it wont seem like a rat race
    but it is what it is. a mad rat race 🙂

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    “Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans” – John Lennon

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    Appreciate the fact that, sometimes, thing have to be done with no reason or rhyme. Most of us, today, are doing things out of sheer pressure or because of high expectations from others, trying to prove something, trying to impress somebody. taking a break,, doing nothing, staring at nothing, talking to nobody, but yourself surely helps………Well written Amigo

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