There are people who like music, and then there are biebermaniacs

Sudarshan Rangarajan, 2012

Someone’s noise is other’s music

This adage is true for the current artists like Justin Bieber. I don’t like the songs he/she makes. I don’t find the music interesting and I don’t think there is anything in his/her song that qualifies as lyrics. But he surely does rake in millions and has a huge fan base consisting of men and women of all age groups. I don’t hate him/her as such. But the thing is that his/her success has lead to a whole generation getting inspired to do what he did. Upload songs on Youtube, and wait for it to go viral or make someone produce it and market it.


One bad singer wasn’t enough now anyone with vocal chords and with cheerful parents doing the same. Thank god India has a very slow net connection or we would have been exposed to some really really AWESOME songs and it would have become a very tough to live. Now they aren’t really viral but they are very much present and in some time will be pop culture references in comedy shows.

Here is one of the songs that really went bonkers, actually no one can even call it a song, not even the producers. They actually put a disclaimer that said “old bailey production didn’t create any audio or lyrics for this video” they even said that they did this song as a favour to one for younger siblings of their friend.

The song – “HOT PROBLEM”.

And they aren’t even hot. I go to an engineering college and there are girls hotter than them (okay, this maybe an exaggeration).

So music lovers unite and ensure that you share and spread the your playlist and it is our moral responsibility that whenever you spot a person singing horribly (no matter how hot/cute the girl/guy is)  shoot their hopes down before someone gives them the idea of uploading their videos on youtube. It will not be easy it may even lead to your chances with that person to a nil, but for the humanity and saving a meagre space on servers. Just Do it.

Adios for now amigos 🙂

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