Of what independence means to me

To be able to write things,

Without gallows circling over my head,

To be able to voice my opinion,

Without a bullet etched with my name,

To be able to breathe,

The air that is of my country

To be allowed to walk,

On a land that I can call my own

And a land that I own,

Along with the billions,

Who live with me

Breathe with me

And die by me.

I thank the millions of martyrs,

And their family members too

for their efforts have culminated to this day,

Where I can sit in peace

In a country I own

on a land I can call my home.

Though my share is small

And the greedy have bled this bird dry

Have perched their talons

Into its little wings

But she can still fly.

It is neither the freedom we deserve,

Nor the freedom the martyrs wanted for us,

it is entrusted upon us, And thrust upon us

as if we have no choice or say

in the kind of independence we want to celebrate

but they are so wrong.

the martyrs fought a battle

and the battle was half won on 15th August 1947

the second half still remains.

I will continue to fight,

Along with people who want to,

And the spirits of the martyrs

Who would have joined me if they could.

I will continue to fight,

Within the means that I know

From this land of mine or someplace else

That I might end up calling home.

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