Oh the profanity!! @#$@$%^$!

Yesterday, a video containing behind the scenes footage of yesteryear actor Jackie Shroff raining a parade of profanities while failing miserably to say 4-5 sentences in hindi and marathi. Failing to do something from which he used to earn his bread and butter. In his inability to do something so trivial, he ended up blaming and abusing anyone and everyone.

It is not shocking that an actor, an onscreen persona, someone whose life is public and has to maintain it properly is being human off-screen. Neither did his rain of abuses nor did the fact that he blamed anyone and everyone piss me off but what did piss me off was the response of people.

jackie shroff

People of facebook went berserk and talked about how shameful it is, how bad he is, how he shouldn’t have abused, so on and so forth. This is called being hypocrite. We rain abuses on our friends and enemies alike without any qualms and when we saw someone else do the same, we put on a holier-than-thou attitude and put up comments dismissing his behaviour. Profanity has become a way of expressing ourselves and I guess it is time that we shed that two faced behaviour of ours and abuse other freely. And as far as Jackie Shroff is concerned, we should appreciate the fact that he respects mothers and he kept abusing aunties. Though his fixation with aunty might be a cause for concern among his near and dear ones, but it shouldn’t be a problem since it was long back and probably he has worked through his anger.

Another celeb who once abused on camera for the fun of it and not because of the script was Hrithik Roshan. Some years back (I guess) a youtube video went viral with him happily, knowingly and in a very friendly way saying “m*therf*****”  to the camera. Then the media took sides, some spoke for, some against and well someone took the video down and all was well.

What is with the two-faced behaviour? I agree that we need to keep a public image so some of us refrain from mouthing abuses in public but since you already abuse people with profanities why make a face or show displeasure when people do it in public domain.

At least they are being true to themselves.

Adios F*ckers 😉


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    quoting “we should appreciate the fact that he respects mothers and he kept abusing aunties” ..ROFL ..this cracked me up .. 😀

    I just saw the video and then i happened to stumbled upon your article ..and i would like to say hilarious take on this sud!! 😀 keep it up!

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