Rahul Gandhi , some real CONgress politicians and the future ones.

BL05_RAHUL_GANDHI_1321013gFrankly speaking, at 42 years of age how can anyone be called a young politician. The ass-kissing media and of course the Congress politicians praised Rahul Gandhi for a brilliant speech at Chintan Shivar. Chintan Shivar basically is a camp where all the members of Congress party come and well, party. If they get some time they do some chintan (thinking) and let the county shiver while it does so.

A man with unparalleled legacy, totally supported from all quarters, touted to be the “NEXT BIG THING” so far has turned out to be a total failure. Every state he tours, Congress looses elections. During his initial days, he visited houses of poor people to show that he can connect with them. Portraying that he is a person for the masses, the poor ones in particular, he campaigned extensively. In most of his speeches, a greater part was used to dent the incumbent government’s image (if it was ruled by some other party), and a significantly smaller one was about the good his party has done or could do.

Kapil-Sibal_9Next year when the country goes for election, Rahul Gandhi will be the person everyone will have their eyes on. Him and Narendra Modi, based on how much sense the BJP acquires over the year. If Congress wants to win elections, the think tank will have to be given a free hand. The think tank will include – Kapil Sibal, Kamal Nath and Jairam Ramesh (and a few others if I have forgotten). Rahul Gandhi on his own, can’t really turn around the whole thing. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a fully equipped anti- aircraft, nuclear capable machine when it comes to finance, but is sadly used, reused and abused as a political puppet.

Put the 4 mentioned names into positions of power and let Madam Sonia unchain them, let it be back like the P.V. Narsimha Rao cabinet and the whole situation will turn around. Even with corruption around, the country can be steered into a new direction. Of course there are some chinks even in this committee, but still they are the best that Congress can give. Given their ages, much more than the forever young Rahul Gandhi, they will still be relevant in the coming decade.

Future politicians to look out will be – Omar Abdullah and Sachin Pilot. Omar Abdullah is fighting a rather complicated war against terror, being the CM of J&K and Sachin Pilot has been rather low profile. Since now he is the Minister for Corporate Affairs, there might be some friction and action in the ministry. Omar, sans a few snags and issues has been doing fairly well, which in terms of J&K means lesser deaths, not fewer but lesser than the normal. His party and the state are constantly under attack and I feel that it will take another decade at the minimum to actually fit J&K as a normal state.

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