Religion: Do we need it?

If a person has doubts he or she is considered a fool. However, if a person accepts that he or she doesn’t know everything its considered being humble. If you say that you know it all, it is considered being pompous, unless you are a man/woman of cloth.

Being in doubt is good, it means you think. This ramble is about one such persistent doubt. The views here are my own not a reflection of anyone else. If you don’t agree with it or want to discuss about it, feel free to post anything here.

Do we need religion?

If we remove the layer of Religion, won’t things get a bit more easier?

From what I understand religion serves a purpose of keeping a set of people together. You belong to one community, live in the same area and in an island of your beliefs. One day in every week is reserved for gathering and praying. The people on this island share more or less the same views. If not anything, their religion connects them. Those prayers, the place of worship, the calmness is alluring. People who go to the same place of worship tend to have a more helping nature towards each other.

Before means of communication could connect many islands and increase interdependency, the island was self sufficient, at least it felt so. Islands got connected and the need to connect with others increased. Even though the beliefs have a lot in common, an invisible entity that has to be felt, rites and rituals, hell and heaven, the two islanders can’t connect via their beliefs.

Laughter, love, joy, triumph, sadness, hatred, fear, death and many other emotions are common to one and all. One can be immune to physical pain if need be but emotions remain common. The islanders cherish each other’s victory, shoulder each other in pain. The anatomy is not different we are human after all. We work to feed our family, to be known and deploy or skills for a good use.

We know what is morally right, wrong and often credit our beliefs for it.
Now that you are good, if we simply removed the layer of religion off you will that make you any less human?

Will the ambitions cease to exist? Will the love, joy and other happy feelings subside and the hurt intensify?

Every day we fight for existence, strive for excellence and get paid in pittance, does religion have any role to play in either boosting this or will your lack of belief make it harder?

A hell awaits me according to some, but that is after death. Another thing that we fear, I fear it too. But what’s the point? It is inevitable and doesn’t make a difference. After it what happens is surely unknown to me, no one from the other side has come here and told me if they are enjoying the perks of heaven or being barbequed in hell.

Either way I am happily in doubt right now.

While I was half way through writing this, I was talking to Dale Cooper (amazing blogger from UK) who shared with me a band called XTC. The first result that came was this song, nice coincidence. The joy of discovering a band, new music, isn’t that something common too?


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    Nice thoughts Sudarshan. Religion is good as long as it helps people live happily. What irritates me is when it is sued for all the wrong reasons. Respect for all religions makes sense. Choose which one you like, follow it or not but discrimination on the basis of religion is what I have been facing a bit these days. Sometimes I wonder if education and modernisation has helped us enough? The language thing that is going on these days is pushing us decades behind.

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    Elaborate on that one.. Discrimination is and will be rampant as different things worry us.

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