Smartpoop part deux – The Pivot

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SmartPoop now faced a grave problem, people were not comfortable sharing their poop pictures in public. Contrary to their research, poop was a very personal matter discussed behind the closed doors of ones personal loo.

“Who would have though that a mindset barrier would ruin the perfect business model” – Malhotra.

But not the one to back down, he made a lot of calls to WhoIsn’tThatImportant, now¬†promoted to head intern, and ensured that he came up with an idea. LET’S PIVOT – exclaimed WhoIsn’tThatImportant.

Malhotra, now malnourished at his Hiranandani penthouse, sighed and agreed that they have to make SmartPoop a SmarterPoop. Shitoya Capital came on board the new SmartPoop which was not just a poop- share medium anymore but also an E-commerce site.

File Photo of Third Co-Founder

Malhotra was no longer malnourished and ThirdCoFounder (this will be his only reference ever) sat day and night to build the website Malhotra would be proud of.

Now one could shop and poop at the same time. The app now has revolutionary Camera filter to ensure the perfect snap. Currently they are offering diapers, dettol and hand sanitizers. They want to expand their market in the Ukraine, Russia, Africa and Poland. “Africa is a huge market for us considering the dysentry cases which start as early as 2yrs.”

/* All photos have been shamelessly downloaded from Google without giving much credit

Yes I am very much like Apple that way */

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