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Open Bar – Not exactly!

BAR – Blogger Author Rendezvous

Some of the best female bloggers in and around India came together and started a group called Indiblogeshwaris. This is their FB description –

“ As you might have guessed, this is a group for gorgeous women bloggers. No, we don’t have nothing against men, just that we are the better species: P a group for Women by Women! Indian woman bloggers UNITE :)”

And well,523401_10153109553650066_1986663973_n they deserve a round of applause for what they do and how well they do it. A few weeks back Vinita from the group pinged me about an event where all bloggers were getting a chance to meet Mr. Ravi Subramanian. His first book – “If God was a banker” was a great success and he is about to release a new one – The Bankerupt. The previous one was Bankster which was going to be the centerpiece of our discussion. A thriller set in the banking industry.

  1)      I still hadn’t read any of his books

                          2)      Hence had no clue what Bankster or any of his book was all about

                          3)      Free food.

The third one was the clincher. So I set out for a 2 hr journey to meet an author I didn’t know. Was pretty excited and confused, how do I sound intelligent in a meet where I have no idea what the plot is?

1069377_10153026388210066_203241086_n It wasn’t hard as Ravi decide to mingle with us like one of our own. The talk pretty general at all times and even when he had to get down to the specifics, he ensured that the necessary background was explained. He was probably aware that there are going to be a few who might not have any clue about his books because he didn’t mind it at all.

The chat was pretty casual and interesting, the snacks kept coming and the questions kept pouring. The questions ranged from “Why did you decided to write?” to “How did your colleagues take it?” and to my surprise, he answered them all without any hesitation. Grammar, timeline and managing time were a few key issues that he addressed. All of us with our hands up, trying to one-up each other and vying for his attention, it was as if am in a school. But he handled everything efficiently unlike my school teachers.



Most of us are pretty keen on writing a novel at some stage and a few are already working, which Iwasn’t aware of but loved the central theme. So it was obvious that they asked Ravi for some advice regarding publishing. Again he gave us a frank idea about the publishers and also the current market situation. This has helped us a lot since we are planning a little something.

1002477_10153026389580066_1338945119_nThe desserts were amazing and so were the conversations. The flow shifted from Q and A to general talk regarding books and life. Then it shifted to the photo session, which is not my forte. Not the part where I have to click, I do that with ease, it’s the one where I am being clicked. So if I look a bit constipated, don’t blame the food, which was actually pretty good.

I will read his book and will start with “If God was a banker” but not before I am done settling into my MBA course.

I cherish this meet even today often remembering its moments and the casual banter.

For other pics from the event –

The IndiBlogeshwaris –

Here’s the author –

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