The week .. yet

What a week it was, andyet it is far from over. First north-east suffered from a blackout then north India joined them. It is claimed to be the worst blackout in the history of independent India affecting half of the Indian population, roughly around 670 million not much just around 10% of the world’s population. What surprises me is that so many people actually had electricity supply? We have come a long way haven’t we?

I will get over with my take on the sad news of this yet to be over week, the Pune bomb blast. Media reports suggest there were 4 of them, some say there were 5, and some say 6th one was diffused. Whatever is the case, life is still unpredictable and as far as deaths are concerned. Statistics reveal that trains have killed more than bomb blasts. But I guess that didn’t cheer you up. Statistics never have made anyone happy but Dalal Street brokers.

What can we do but run in panic when you see an unattended bag or vehicle or kid or manhole or vehicle or dog, because apparently anything and everything can be made into a bomb. There are so many threats that we can see in our daily life that unattended stuff doesn’t hit a caution button. I have to live my life not sit and report every single thing. Not keep on worrying if that tiffin box is a bomb or if some kid left it, or if that car parked is parked for some reason other than it being a bomb, or the train that I boarded is going to be safe till the end of the night when it returns to the car-shed. It is to ensure such fears do not exist and there should be no reason for such fears that people pay taxes, at least most of them do.

 Anna Hazare, the mascot of anti-corruption, governance, justice and hunger strikes of our country headed back to protesting by hunger strike. Really have to admire his guts to go all out for his 4th such strike since the previous Jantar Mantar hunger strike. He didn’t get the response his team presumed he would get in Mumbai with some 25 people attending it. But he seems to be a hit in Delhi with over 3000 people but sans any useful media coverage let alone the 24/7 kind they got last time.

Anna Hazare is a success as a mascot. With an impeccable record and brains like Arvind Kejriwal and Dr. Kiran Bedi running the show. Some say he isn’t a mascot but a puppet, some say his mouth and heart are in sync maybe a little too much. He has gone out of line once or twice and has been criticized for it time and again. People always needed someone to look up to and they always will. We search for an idol, whose record is near impeccable and whose blemishes can be ignored as being human. His ideology is best but strategy wasn’t planned out for all possible outcomes. It seemed they always were planned for an optimistic result.

Sudism for Team Anna –

“Anticipate the best, prepare for the worst”

Ramdev Baba, great guy who plays hide and seek with his stomach on stage and promotes the goodness of ancient art of yoga under his tag. He is a great guy, have nothing against him and his multi-million empire. His great village that he adopted, that chopper he flies in and out of the various venues, and his youth social party which may end-up being a political party or may already have. He is a great baba, a sadhu with no materialistic desires what so ever.

I guess that is what we all need to do – have no materialistic desire whatsoever and wear a saffron cloth around to prove it. But yes all this after a year or so at the gym.

And yesterday was Rakshabandhan, the day when the male fraternity is made to pay heftily to their sisters for the brother sister bond  and promise to provide her with security. It is the one time I don’t mind being taken for granted. I love this little rakhi she ties on my wrist every year, sometimes I have gone with her to buy one for me. Best part I forgot what my debit card pin was so for what it is worth all expenses will be made on my sister’s card and will have to pay back later with interest. Since my card won’t work, had to make do with what was at home. But I decided to cook a lunch for her and well who knew making magi can be hell. Well she will have to eat that goop-of-a-maggi and a digene along with it.

Still have over 3 days left to complete this week. Let us make each moment count, each rupee spent worth and each breath worth living.



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