The comfort of blaming

The blame game

Ever since we were kids, blaming was the first thing we did. Pointing fingers, this remained the same, only the finger changed. Isn’t it really easy to blame. Just put it on someone and let the other person waddle out of the situation by himself.

UntitledOnce I blamed mom for something trivial and she took the blame. Dad knew that whatever was done, it was me. “Why admit to a mistake, when you can successfully blame someone”, thanks to this repartee I was spared.

Whatever happens, we look around to blame it on someone. When something can’t be blamed on someone, within seconds we blame God. Blaming gives us a certain level of comfort. Something off our conscience, something no longer a problem, nothing to think, a problem shifted in a second.

Blame the government, blame your parents, blame your friend, blame your enemy, but don’t look on the inside.

 Our eyes are directed outside to look out and the brain is in there to look in more often than it looks out.

Karmic laws can only explain so much around us, rest happens unexplained.Laws of nature can’t explain it, neither can science nor can religion. But still we choose someone to blame. Without knowing the facts we simply blame on either one of the above mentioned. Things need not be explained. Sometimes in life, things happen with reasons beyond a normal explanation. Something that may be harder to accept and blaming will be the easier thing to do.

Can we have one rule on blaming? I guess not, as sometimes it works as a source of relieving. What could I have possibly done, it was all his/her doing. The first part is one of helplessness. One of the worst feelings I have known. The second is the blame, the stress reliever. My stress is no longer an issue, it becomes about his/her incompetency or mistakes. And I am happy.

In the end that is what matters having a stress free life.



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    OK, I HAVE to know what it was that you blamed on your mom. In any problem, there are usually two sides or perspectives to a story, and each perspective thinks it’s the right one. More often than not, blaming is a stubborn refusal to consider all aspects of the situation at hand. Blaming is directly proportional to one’s need to be “right” about everything.

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      well i dont remember what I had done, otherwise would have mentioned. The discussion on Blogcatalog is going good 🙂

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    I used to blame others more than I do now. As I get older, I do it so much less. Contrary to what I thought would happen, I’ve found putting the blame on myself to be more liberating and easier to deal with. Perhaps its the sense of ownership — that I’m more in control of the situation. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. It just feels better knowing my actions play a larger role in the outcome.

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    I am not a religious person, but I have an interesting religious fact for you

    Satan can be translated into “the accuser”

    It is something to keep in mind as you point your finger around, whether your religious or not, there is a long history of people finding the accusation of others as distasteful.

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    The reason people are so quick to blame arises from the attitude that mistakes are a bad thing, something to be ashamed of. if we eliminated this censorious attitude and accepted error as a natural part of life, the stigma would be removed and blaming would become an anachronism

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    In the end, I’ve stopped blaming everyone else for things that are my fault. I know when I make a mistake and fess up to it. I feel this relieves more stress than anything else. I like knowing i’m human and make mistakes.

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