4 yrs of engg :( :O :/ ;) :D :)


I remember as a kid making a “wtf” face whenever i was told i am destined to be an engg. I never wanted to be a computer engg in the first place, it sounded so boring and usual. The only reason i had chosen computers as an elective in 11th was the fact that i sucked at drawings and the bio book was full of it. The only thing i could ever draw and i still can are cars. Etched on many a notebooks, tables, drawing books and ‘drawable surfaces’ 😛







The first year is the hardest. In a whole new atmosphere facing a new type of system involving semester instead of yearly pattern i was a bit confused as to how the exams would be. One subject i had started out early, even before college started was maths. All thanks to Prof. Karan, he ensured that i solve each and every sum, example in the kumbhojkar book and i surely reflected in my result. The one subject i was so proud of infact the only subject i could brag about for the 4yrs





The first day and i was late, a practice that became a habit in further semesters. Made some great friends and i learnt a lot from them about how to survive college since i was in a school till my 12th. The fear of our seniors, as ‘INTRODUCTION’ was very much active at that time. I didn’t know exactly how they could figure out that iam a junior even though iam pretty huge at 6 feet and *ahem* (wont mention weight and scare the readers :P) i see that now, its pretty much evident from the face itself.

The second fear was the annoying term called KT. During first sem i saw many seniors expressing joy after getting just 1kt the value of which i realised after the first sem results.
btw in my first sem i used my size as an advantage and took ‘introduction’ of two fellow facchas
and the fresher’s party that we had was the best. The theme was casino royale and it had great music, great show put on by the nominees of Mr. And Miss fresher
After the exams i was confident of clearing. Marching into my second sem i was sure that ED was something that would pull me down and so it did.Got my first actual smartphone N78 after the N2000 (my nokia 1100’s nickname) .

I flunked in chem1, something for which i was ridiculed throughout the sem2 😛  . There isn’t much to say about sem2, it got over as soon as it started. As an affect of the kt i had become a bit sincere and attended college and classes regularly. But the friends i made in my first year are still as close as they were then.
More to come 😛

btw thanks for reading here are links to some really great songs

bonobo – silver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYfN79Q26Vw&feature=related

ANIMALS – house of the rising sun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwAw9ThDQmk

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