4 yrs of engg :( :O :/ ;) :D :) 2nd yr



Sem 3 was superb. First day of college and I was off to the movie theatre after attending one lecture. Thanks to a technical glitch we had an awesome timetable. Mondays and Tuesdays were the best days. One of the lectures was in the morn at 9.30 then the next one at 1.30 then on till 5.30. Needless to say we bunked both days unanimously. So Monday mornings weren’t blue anymore and the weekend was extended till Tuesday. Apparently my lectures used to be at Inorbit, Amoeba, Fame, so on and so forth.

b4 dominos

After my sem2 results I decided not to take the subjects too seriously. Whatever I tried it was as if the nature had decided to penalise me for something. Though I didn’t drink or do stuff but I was high 24/7 I stopped bothering myself with my result, worrying won’t get my scores up and clear my KT. So after this academic enlightenment I was monumentally screwed every time but I was calm. My KTs were in an Arithmetic Progression sem1 1kt, sem2 2kt, sem3 3kt. Thank god after sem3 the curse was broken. I had adapted this attitude



The odd semesters start and end even before you realise. It’s the even semesters that are eventful.


Sem 4 I was knee-deep in kts and my better judgement made me join in the intra-college tech fest infamously called Tech Synergy. This tech fest was hilarious on so many levels and ended up serving as a lesson. The moral was “no one in the college wants to participate in the fest” especially in one which is called tech synergy. The mechanism in which a fest works is very messy, chaotic the only thing decided and final is the name of the fest. Made many friends, saw that many people may seem idyllic but have immense potential to succeed and somehow I liked the fact that I was involved in something that wasn’t boring and surely beats attending lectures. I had taken up the event AD-MAD which as the name suggested involved making ads. It wasn’t a hit or anything like the fest but I had fun in organising it.

End of sem and I was completely swamped with pending assignments and journals

The main event of sem4 was the “KAAND”.
KAAND – involved a friend, me and my cell during a practical exam, since you all are 18+, can expect you to put 2 and 2 together and get 4 (i know you are thinking YOU DONT SAY :p)


METALLICA – NOTHING ELSE MATTERS – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FydwthgLeM

ABYSSOS – SHE ONLY FLIES AT NIGHT – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7I21Niww1U&feature=plcp (piano melody)

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