T.E. the year of IVs and Impulse

The third year of engineering and well according to the FDFS (first day first show) ritual I was at a movie hall. I don’t remember the movie or the following weeks (saving you the trouble of reading one paragraph extra) but one month into the semester and the one thing that had overshadowed any other thing was the one event that an engineer student waits for – INDUSTRIAL VISIT.


Anyone and everyone with contacts were out there calling anyone they knew living in any of the holiday spots, this was a 24/7 business and apart from the tag that ours was the worst class in the college(I guess they tell this to everyone) there was the IV thing that we pestered our HOD with as sadly for her, she was our professor. Plans were laid out for at least 5 hill stations and everyone was excited. Finally we settled for GOA and well our principal played the party pooper and cancelled the official I.V. Not that it stopped us, we did go and had fun there. 😀 New friends, new groups, new inside jokes and 3 days later it was hard to even think of heading back to college.  The hangover lasted for about a month. Those who didn’t come had a lot to catch up on. After the semester we went on an official trip to Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty.


   The fun starts right from the moment you meet  up your friends at the station and well again there is another hangover at the end of it. Bangalore wasn’t that fun city, I guess once you have been around Mumbai all you can see are faults in other cities. Mysore was great, though it rhymes with eyesore its complete opposite of that. The grandeur of the Mysore palace especially when its lit up at night with bulbs all over, just one word to sum it up “SPECTACULAR”. Ooty gave us the chills, literally. It was January, when winter is at its peak and the month of my birthday. My friends threw a surprise party at midnight. They arranged for a cake in an unknown city. Thanks for the awesome memory.


Semester 6 and I wanted to be in the fest right from the start, enjoy the ‘Days’. The planning and preparing part of the fest is so tedious, so many ego clashes, so many ideas just pouring in. The hard part is not deciding which idea to choose and to explain the people that their idea isn’t really feasible is harder. Some take it personally and end up making up stories about people involved with the fest. Every committee has its share of crashers, the students who just hangout for the sake of attendance. The random grapevine about how much money is pouring in and estimations of how much the committee is eating into, random news that you get to know from outsiders are just some of the gossips that do rounds. Some of the ideas are amazing but expensive, some are downright ridiculous, some copy stuff off some website without knowing the know-how.

No matter how much you plan, something or most things are bound to screw up. Events fail, and when the expensive ones do its a hassle. Last minute decisions and changes are so common. Many events appear so calm and smooth on the outside but beneath it is a mess no one wants to handle but someone has to. And someone does, rises to the occasion and takes charge helps out the poor event heads in trouble. The best part of a fest is different people coming together for some time and in spite of their differences ego clashes, time constraint, money constraint, the problem of handling academics at the same time, it is how everyone involved with the fest is right from the volunteers to the heads, how everyone ends up compromising and understanding and just work their ass off.

By the time you are here you realise that I enjoy the fest stuff a lot.  In between all this is the society hitting you hard with the question “ what after graduation????????”

The Post-Impulse Effect or PIE was very acute, it was impossible to attend lectures. The one hour felt like hours and the first day after the fest most of us wanted to and did head back to the now closed Impulse room. There were many firsts for that first. It was a hit. It was talked about for a long time and even the participants loved it and had some winners had even given the event heads a little treat.

2  I.V., one hell of a fest and many jokes later the year came to an end and it was time to saddle up for the last year.

Daft Punk- Face to Face – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v74Be3G4rHI&feature=related

Kasabian – Fire –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agVpq_XXRmU

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