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/* this post is a review as a part of Secret Blog Elves by the famous Indiblogeshwaris for their That Tuesday Thingy. Thanks for the opportunity*/

The blog in question is – Awesome Since 92* (Disappointing God, Parents and Men since ‘92) and the link is

Hates being a CA, is doing it for the sake of it. Her blog is full of teenage angst and other emotions (love and friendship being prominent ones). I went through the entire blog post by post but for the ones that were extremely chicklit. She says that her reading has gone down considerably; still she reads more than me considering the fact that she reviews books periodically.


One can actually see remarkable difference in her writing style right from the way she forms sentences and to the thought process. The only thing which made it difficult for me to read was the fact that at many places she has used ‘centre formatting’. The posts have become more personal and the views have become much clear over the time. She has also made her points clear about the recent happenings – from Anna Hazare movement to the Delhi rape case.

I was delighted to know that she has read “Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom”. This author is one of those whose book mustn’t be read in public as it will leave you teary eyed, it will often lead to questions which are highly spiritual in nature, avoid it if you want to live a hollow life. Her view on religion too is pretty up there.

Her posts are sprinkled with humor. This reminds me of how she had tagged one of her posts about weddings – This is about.. insanity, love, people, wedding. I couldn’t help but make a note of it. Indiblogger veteran that she is with 7+ meets under her belt, I am surprised that we haven’t met. There is always another meet and her blog is far from disappointing.

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