What I would do with a Tab – A Lenovo Yoga Tab special

20131218_223245If I had a tablet,
Firstly I would throw my laptop (into recycling, if it is possible because even bhangarwalas refuses to take it). The one reason I haven’t bought a tablet is that it is difficult to type for a long time on them. Even if they provide with a tilted stand, it becomes difficult to type as the wrists aren’t used to such form factors. My usage typically ranges from typing long status updates (I have to include the meaning of the status update, which is usually a joke, hence killing the essence), or typing a small blog post (not everybody understands, I read my own blog) to browsing.

For such limited usage – I don’t need a heavy duty, overpowered and hence overpriced laptop/tablet. A simple one will suffice.

Here is how I would use an easy to hold, Yoga tablet (Kindly think of the *LIKE A BOSS by The Lonely Island* tune while reading it) Click here to open it in a new tab and add that special effect!

Read my mails *LIKE A BOSS*

Type replies, while eating breakfast *LIKE A BOSS*

Read blogs *LIKE A BOSS*

Write posts *LIKE A BOSS*

Browse on facebook *LIKE A BOSS*

Like and Comment *LIKE A BOSS*

and stalk people *LIKE A BOSS*

Make sarcastic MEMES *LIKE A BOSS*

Avoid conversations *LIKE A BOSS*

Flash the tab *LIKE A BOSS*

T-Rex with it *LIKE A BOSS*

Start conversations *LIKE A BOSS*

Go home *LIKE A BOSS*

Update Status *LIKE A BOSS*

Tweet the same thing *LIKE A BOSS*

Go to Sleep *LIKE A BOSS*

Wake up with the tab *LIKE A BOSS*

Thanks for reading *LIKE A BOSS*

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